Divisions of Fire and EMS Announce 29th Fire Academy Cadet Class Graduation

The 29th Cleveland Fire Academy cadet class will graduate 39 recruits today. Mayor Frank G. Jackson will administer the oath of office to 36 Fire cadets and 3 EMS employees at 1:30 p.m. this Friday, June 27, 2014 in Council Chambers. The oath of office completes 18 weeks of rigorous training before graduation. The graduates will fill vacancies  created by retirements and ensure that staffing levels remain consistent with the needs of the  Cleveland community.

IMG_2756 - CopywebThis is the second class of EMS employees (bringing total to 8) completing cross training fully  certifying them as firefighter paramedics. Cross training employees takes the city one step closer  to meeting the ever increasing medical needs of the community. Cross trained employees provide  the Department of Public Safety the flexibility to staff our response units in a manner that meets  all of the emergency needs of our citizens and visitors.

The comprehensive training program included:

  • Fire behavior
  • Hands-on training with tools and equipment firefighters use daily
  • All aspects of on-scene fire operations
  • Building construction
  • Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Apparatus operation and maintenance
  • Rescue techniques
  • 130 hours in emergency medical care, certifying the recruits as Emergency Medical Technicians. (The 3 EMS employees were EMTs prior to entering the fire academy)

“These recruits are a welcome addition to the ranks of Cleveland’s Divisions of Fire and  EMS,” said Chief of Fire Patrick Kelly.

Chief of Fire Patrick Kelly

Chief of Fire Patrick Kelly

“Our goal is to maximize the City’s resources to be  able to respond to the increasing medical needs of the community while maintaining fire and rescue operations.” “We are building upon the expertise of each division and creating an all-hazard approach to fire, rescue and emergency medical service in the City of Cleveland,” said Public Safety  Director Michael McGrath.

“This fire academy class will help maintain staffing levels while the integration progresses.”