Motorcycle & Bicycle Awareness

The Cleveland Division of Police wishes to remind the motoring public of the increase of motorcycle and bicycle traffic now that warmer weather is upon us. It is the Division’s goal to heighten the awareness of motorcycles and bicycles on Cleveland area roadways and to reduce the chance of accident or injury.


It is important that motorcycle operators and bicycle riders be aware of their responsibilities to operate safely in traffic and obey traffic laws, especially by operating within posted speed limits and allowing an assured clear distance from vehicles they are following. The Division of Police also recommends the use of high visibility or reflective clothing and strongly encourages the use of approved safety helmets while operating a motorcycle or bicycle.

Operators of cars and trucks should be mindful of the presence of motorcycles and bicycles sharing the roads. Automobile drivers should pay close attention when conducting left and right turns, lane changes or while entering an intersection after stopping. They should ensure that the intended lane of travel is free and clear of motorcycles and bicycles, which are smaller in size and less visible than most motor vehicles.

Drivers of all vehicles should be cognizant that they are required, while in operation of their vehicle, to pay full time attention to the task of driving and refrain from the use of cell phones, IPods and other electronic devices. The City of Cleveland has a law prohibiting texting while driving which also distracts drivers from giving their full attention to the roadway.

Busy Day for the Bomb Squad; Bomb techs respond to 2 high profile incidents – back to back

Busy Day for the Bomb Squad

Yesterday, March 31, 2014, the Bomb Squad responded to back to back high profile incidents requiring their knowledge and expertise.

At noon, the team responded to a home in the 3400 block of West 44th Street for a large marijuana grow operation. The bomb unit responds to incidents involving illegal substance growing or manufacture as a precaution as many of the chemicals, materials and tools used can be flammable or cause explosion. Approximately 100 marijuana plants were removed. The investigation into this incident continues.

The Bomb Unit was then dispatched directly to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for possible explosives detection. During a routine sweep of one of the parking areas of the airport, one of the canines trained in explosives detection indicated a positive “hit” on a vehicle. Upon arrival, the technicians suited up and investigated. It was determined that there was no credible threat.

The Bomb Squad exists within the Division of Police under the Homeland Special Operations, Bureau of Homeland Services, Domestic Preparedness Section. The squad’s highly trained technicians put their own safety on the line to keep the citizens of this city safe. For that we say “Thank you!”


Cleveland Division of Police: Recent Promotions

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Mayor Jackson administered the Oath of Office to newly appointed police supervisors. These new supervisors included: One Deputy Chief, two Commanders and one Sergeant. On March 10, 2014, Commander Joellen O’Neil was sworn-in as Deputy Chief, and on March 25, 2014, Captain Debra I. Cavett was sworn-in as a Commander of Police, Lieutenant Daniel M. Fay was sworn-in as a Commander of Police, and Patrol Officer Jennifer M. Kemer was sworn-in as a Sergeant of Police.

Deputy Chief – Joellen O’Neil

Deputy Chief Joellen O’Neil was appointed to the Division of Police in 1992 and has previously served in the Third District, the Personnel Section and the Bureau of Support Services.  Deputy Chief O’Neil was promoted to Commander in 2007.  She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from John Carroll University.  Deputy Chief O’Neil will serve as the Executive Officer to the Chief of Police.

Commander of Police – Debra I. Cavett

Commander Debra Cavett was appointed to the Division of Police in April, 1996 and has previously served in the Third and Fourth Districts and on the Services and Property Unit. Commander Cavett was promoted to Captain of Police in 2011 and has received multiple Letters of Commendation and Appreciation throughout her career. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cleveland State University. Commander Cavett will serve as the Commander of Communications and Property.

Commander of Police – Daniel M. Fay

Commander of Police Daniel Fay began his career with the Cleveland Division of Police in August, 1996. His previous assignments include patrol in the Third and Fourth Districts, service with the Community Policing Unit, Chief’s Office and time with Internal Affairs. Commander Fay was promoted to Sergeant in 2003 and then to Lieutenant in 2011. Commander Fey has Letters of Commendation from former Chiefs Martin Flask and Michael McGrath. He has received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cleveland State University. Commander Fay will oversee the Bureau of Support Services.

Sergeant of Police – Jennifer M. Kemer

Sergeant Kemer was appointed to the Division of Police in 1997 and has since served in the First and Third Districts, Community Policing Unit and in the Police Academy. Sergeant Kemer was awarded a Medal of Heroism from former Chief McGrath, two Distinguished Service Medals, a Certificate of Appreciate and numerous Letters of Appreciation. Sergeant Kemer received her Bachelor Arts Degree from Cleveland State University.