JOB OPENING: Police Stress Consultant

Experienced, Ohio-licensed psychologist or psychiatrist needed

Being a Police Officer in an urban setting can be a very rewarding career. It can also be stressful. The Department of Public Safety is committed to ensuring our Police Officers have access to dedicated and professional counselors. As such, we are seeking a full-time, experienced Police Stress Consultant to:

  • Assess the psychological condition of and provide psychological consultation to Public Safety employees experiencing stress, particularly those involved in shootings, as it relates to fitness for duty;
  • Develop and implement departmental policies, projects, and procedures to promote employee health; Provide psychological counseling and/or referral to external support agencies as required;
  • Conduct critical incident debriefings;
  • Meet with and provide counseling support to employees at the workplace, alternate locations, or in private;
  • Teach classes and offer assistance at the Cleveland Police Academy;
  • Offer professional optional opinions to the Occupational Medical Director of Public Safety; and
  • Serve as a consultant to the Public Safety Employee Assistance staff.

For more information and information about applying, please see the Civil Service Announcement.

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