9-1-1 Emergency call from Amanda Berry

The actions of the emergency call taker are under review

On behalf of Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson, I want to thank those who took the time to express their concerns about our public safety call-taking process. The actions of the 9-1-1 call-taker who received an emergency call from Amanda Berry on Monday, May 6, 2013 are under review.

While the call-taker complied with policies and procedures which enabled a very fast response by police, we have noted some concerns which will be the focus of our review, including the call-taker’s failure to remain on the line with Ms. Berry until police arrived on the scene.  Please be assured that this matter will be investigated, and if necessary, appropriate corrective action taken.

I would like to note that the call-taker did take the call, create an event and send it to the police dispatcher in less than 90 seconds. Within 1 minute and 18 seconds from the time that the call-taker answered the call our dispatcher was broadcasting the assignment to available police units. As a result of the call-taker’s actions, police were dispatched and on scene in less than 2 minutes.

The results of the internal review will be publicly released when concluded.

-Director Martin L. Flask, Cleveland Department of Public Safety


13 comments on “9-1-1 Emergency call from Amanda Berry

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  3. My problem with the call: I was shocked –> SHOCKED <– when I heard the operator say, "as soon as a car is open." Amanda clearly identified herself, and if the police and other authorities were still actively looking for her, why didn't Amanda's name ring a bell with the operator? Amanda told the operator exactly who she was, stating that she was kidnapped, had been missing for years, and that her name was in the news. I couldn't believe those facts didn't induce any recognition or acknowledgement from the operator. It seems as if this was just another 911 call.

  4. Wonderful work 9-1-1. In Australia we wait four hours for police and ambulance arrivals after emergency calls placed. Your citizens have nothing to complain about.

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  7. The 911 operator was lax in her manners and responses to this call, and should have taken the call more serious. But to fire her is extreme. Maybe a refresher course in why 911 is there. Considering the fact that people play on the 911 lines everyday, “What would you be thinking if you were this operator and got this type call in this day and time” Now I’m not making excuses for this operator because I was pissed off when I heard the 911 call between the operator and Amanda. We pay for 911 to be there as a source of help no matter what. Operators should not be able to determine if a call is or isn’t an emergency. Their job is to take the call and dispatch it through and let the proper authorities determine if it is an emergency. There should be laws put into effect that requires people who play on the 911 lines to do time and fines. This way you don’t have operators thinking that the calls are not for real. Thank God for watching over those three young ladies and the little girl. God bless you all and your families.

  8. FIRE THIS MAN!! CHARLES RAMSEY was NOT taken seriously enough b/c of prejudice….even though the call taker was also Black. THIS man is A HERO and this is a crime of the century!!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE That dispatcher!! INCOMPETENCE

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  10. Fire him! You had just experienced the House Of Horrors. Imagine it were one of those DEAD victims calling in with a last ditch effort to save their life. Every call I have ever heard on Dateline or any other news program, the operator STAYS on the line until help arrives. Lets also imagine it is a child hearing this 911 call now and later this same child is kidnapped. This child may hesitate to call because he or she will know your operators are of little help. The 911 operator said “we will be there as soon as a car is open?” Well if I were a kidnapped child, I would have felt, “oh well, there went my chance.” Do the right thing for once, Cleveland. You all seem to have a bad track record with all the kidnapped and murdered women in your city. Not to mention you have admitted to interviewing these suspects 9 years ago and failing.

  11. Nonsense. Fire the incompetence and set a standard before you get fired this election. Don’t think we forgot the convenient forgetfulness on Sowell and then after you got elected you charged for trash.. You are so gone…Won’t miss you…bye bye.

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