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Cyanoacrylate use for wood bonding

MAGPOW Cyanoacrylate (Crazy glue, Superglue, CA or CyA) is used mainly for small repairs, especially by woodturners.


Bonds instantly, including to skin. Cured CA is essentially a plastic material. Versions are available that tend towards being able to wick into tight joints and bond instantly (at a reduced strength) or thicker formulations which can fill gaps and bond more slowly, usually with greater strength. Versions are also available that are foam safe (regular CA dissolves most plastic foams) which are usually also marketed as low odor. CA is stiff enough that normal wood movement can often break the bond, at least in some applications. Often, too much adhesive is applied which leads to a much weaker bond.


MAGPOW CA has quickly become the dominant adhesive used by for builders of balsa wood models, where its strength far exceeds the base materials.