How to choose the best granite mine

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How to choose the best granite mine

How to choose the best granite mine

Natural stone has always been the top of the building decoration materials, but not everyone can afford it before. Now with the rapid development of the country and the people, natural stone has become more and more the material of choice for our home decoration. In natural stone, the development of granite is the best in terms of market share. So today we will discuss how to choose the best granite mine when facing.

1, color, color spots and color lines

The color difference of granite ore is generally required to be small, which makes people feel comfortable; and the number of color lines in a certain area should also be controlled; the components of granite ore must be stable, the particle size change should be small, and there are Represents the color of the mineral, which is generally feldspar or the like.

2, physical performance requirements

The physical properties of the granite ore used for veneering generally include volume, flexural strength, water absorption, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, gloss, acid and alkali resistance, Shore strength, firmness and freeze-thaw properties. Key factors such as quality, flexural strength, compressive strength, water absorption, and abrasion resistance determine whether it is the granite mine we need for the finish.

3, the degree of joint development

The mine has the minimum requirements for the block rate and the plate rate. These two requirements are the requirements for rock joint cracks. In the field investigation, the line crack rate and the face crack rate must be counted, and the rock that meets these two requirements can be mined to meet the requirements. The required blocks are fast reading.

4. Radioactive characteristics

The requirements for natural radioactivity are below a certain level, and the requirements for some radionuclides are to meet the requirements of the "Limited Radionuclide Limits for Building Materials". The natural radioactivity level of granite without uranium, thorium and other minerals in the region is generally far below the normative requirements.

Of course, many times the ground of granite used in our homes has experienced the ruin of the ground in different weathers. It often cracks, breaks, and roughs. It doesn't feel as bright as before. In fact, we don’t have to change all at this time. If you use it, you can use the powerful MAGPOW stone adhesive that is not affected by the weather, which is bright and smooth on the surface of the rock, and can repair the cracks. This kind of glue can be used to make your ground "rejuvenate"!