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The correct instruction of stone glue

The correct instruction of stone glue

MAGPOWThis year, MAGPOW 's stone glue has been favored by many customers, and we are very honored.

Today I will summarize the correct instruction of stone glue.
First,the treatment of the stone surface
1. The surface of the stone should be free of dirt, sand, oil and other impurities;
2. If the surface of the stone has large defects, the soil layer should be removed first;
3. If the surface of the stone has sharp edges and corners, it should be sanded and chamfered first;
4. The base surface should be dry and clean and free of oil and grease and keep it flat and vertical.

Second,proportionally adjusting the glue. The structural ratio of component A and component B of each stone glue is different, some are 1:1; some are 2:1; some are 4:1, etc., so the glue must be very precise. Proportional errors can cause problems such as functional variations. Stirring is also a concern when adjusting the glue. Do not leave any dead angles; and the A and B components should not be mixed. Do not put the remaining glue after mixing back into the original packaging.

Then,glue. When applying glue, it is necessary to scrape the rubber on the surface of the stone with a tool such as a knife, and evenly cover the surface of the stone with the glue. Also, when applying glue, you can pay attention to the optimum temperature of the type of glue. The effect of applying glue at a suitable temperature can greatly exert the performance of the glue.

Finally,static curing. The temperature required for curing is also required. When the temperature is lower than the required temperature, the curing speed of the glue will be significantly slower. It is recommended to adopt the form of heating and curing to achieve the desired effect.
The above is the four major steps for the correct use of stone glue. Each type of stone glue may differ in each step, but the overall follow these four steps to get the maximum effect.