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Enhance Security Awareness

Enhance Security Awareness
When the season enters April and May, the weather gradually becomes hot and dry, coupled with the frequent occurrence of thunderstorms, the most common time when fires occur frequently. The recent forest fire incident in Lier Village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which has received widespread attention in China, has given us a strong warning.
At 5:00 pm on March 30, a fire broke out in the Muli Forest in Liangshan Prefecture. After two days of firefighting efforts and helicopter precipitation, the fire was finally extinguished at 3 pm on April 2.But unfortunately, during the save, 27 firefighters and 3 local officials were sacrificed, the youngest of which was only 18 years old.. This is a sad news, at such age, in order to fulfill their mission. We are proud of them and remember them.. According to the incident, the cause of the forest fire was a sudden change in wind and detonation. The natural factor was uncontrollable, but this fire also sounded the alarm in our daily life. Inspired by recent fires and other bombings, MAGPOW Group realized that there are many security risks in daily life. There are many other disasters not only fires. If the safety awareness of the staff is not strengthened, then one day may cause a situation that is too late to recover. Therefore, the company held a meeting of the Safety Knowledge Contest, aiming to strengthen the safety knowledge of employees through rewarding and winning methods, thereby strengthening safety awareness and preventing the possibility of a safety disaster.
Safety knowledge is summarized into PPT form for explanation.
Everyone is listening carefully to the explanation of the chairman of the union.
Ask questions after the explanation   Everyone is actively participating
Safety label made by the company
I believe that after this, everyone in the daily life will be more cautious, and our environment will become safer!