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Contact Cement 303 1L
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Contact cement / neoprene glue




The product is the single component of volatile dry type adhesive with perfect performance, oil and water resistant, durable, high strength and long sickles., anti-strike, and medium-resistant etc.

Main Component:

Scope Of Application:
This product is mainly used in architecture, decoration, furniture, as well as the bond of aluminum board , fireproof board, man-made board ,rubber, leather, etc.

Using Method:
1.Remove the oil, dirty from the surface and keep clear, dry.
2.Spreads evenly on surface of two joint material, after dries moderately, folds gathers with exerts pressure (for example spread 2~3 times for multi hole joint material)
3.The application adhesive could be achieved after drying for 48 hours at the room temperature of 25℃. The best adhesive performance is available after leaving aside for 6 days.

1. The operating environment should be ventilative and should keep away of the fire. Closely sealed after use.
2. Avoid the glue contact the skin and the eye , if contacts the skin, with soap and clear water cleaning, if touches the eye carelessly, uses the clear water to flush and to see a doctor immediately.
3. If the liquid cement has the stratification when used for a long time, use after the agitation evenly, do not affect its product quality
4. Take strict precautions against touching by the kids and entering into the mouth.
5. Please make a trial to avoid usage mistakes before application.

Storage And Packing:
1.Stock the products in the air-tight seal at the temperature of 10-35℃. The shelf life is one year. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2.Preserve and transport as flammable products.
3.Packing specification: 3L/tin, in iron tin.

Technical Feature :




Light yellow mucus

Solid Content (% )


Viscosity ( 25 ℃ ,mPa.S)


Peel Stress ( 25 ℃ *48h,, canvas-canvas N/ 2.5cm )

≥ 60